Noise & Odor

Smell & Noise Issue

Many residents have questions and concerns about loud noises or unpleasant odors that may be associated with industries or businesses in their community. The Super Handyman is only involved in regulating noise or odor in some cases, complaints about these issues are typically addressed by local governments.


Super Handyman noise limits are set by the type of area and land use (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), decibel levels, and duration. Noise becomes a health concern when there is long-term exposure to increased ambient noise levels. Intermittent noises such as horns, garbage trucks, sirens, and back-up beeps rarely violate the state’s noise standard because they don't last long enough. Cities or counties often have nuisance ordinances that can be used to address noise concerns.


Super Handyman does not have a state odor rule, but sometimes odors can be an indicator of pollutants that have emission limits. Reducing odors is sometimes the by-product of reducing those pollutants. Not all unpleasant odors are human health concerns, and many unhealthy chemicals have no odor. The Super Handyman sometimes receives complaints about odor from livestock feedlots. Minnesota has a standard for hydrogen sulfide, which is a common cause of livestock odors. Super Handyman's staff can test hydrogen sulfide levels with a hand-held meter and contact feedlot owners when the readings are too high. If hydrogen sulfide emissions are not reduced, the agency can take enforcement action.

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